Navination FAQ

What is – is an application and technology that enables users to receive drops during live streams and craft valuable prizes from these drops.


NAVINATION is the first project built on It’s available via the link Once signed up for NAVINATION, the user gets the opportunity to receive drops during live streams of the eSports organization, NAVI.

How do I join NAVINATION?

  1. If you don’t have a DMarket account, you can skip this step.
    If you have user accounts on DMarket and Twitch, please make sure that both accounts use the same email address. If the email addresses differ, go to your DMarket account > Settings > Twitch Account and click “Connect Twitch Account”. Otherwise, a new DMarket account will be automatically created for you when you register for NAVINATION.
  2. Go to Select “Sign up with Twitch”

  3. Enter your Twitch username and password, then click “Enter”

  4. Enter your code from the verification email

  5. Enable push notifications


What is a drop?

Drops are prizes that are randomly awarded to users who are watching a live stream.

How do I get drops?

To receive drops, sign up for and watch featured live streams.

How to watch streams on and get drops

  1. Sign in to with your Twitch account.
  2. Choose an ongoing live stream.
  3. Start watching by going to the stream page and click the “Get Drops” button.

How to watch streams on Twitch and get drops

Registered users can also get drops by watching featured streams on Twitch. To do this, take the following steps:

  1. Join a stream with active drops on Twitch.
  2. Make sure the stream chat is enabled.

When watching streams on Twitch, you can check drop details and updates on (

Where can I see the list of drop items?

You can check out the list of items awarded through drops on the stream card (a) or stream page (b).


(а) drops on the stream card


(b) drops on the stream page

How can I check if I’m participating in the drops raffle?

When a registered user watches a stream, their drop indicator on ( is activated.


(а) the user doesn’t get drops


(b) the user gets drops

Do I have to watch the whole stream to get drops?

When watching a stream, a user participates in every ongoing drop round. When the user leaves the stream, their drop indicator becomes inactive.

How do I learn that I have received a drop?

  1. You will receive a notification about your drop in your user account on (
  2. You will be also notified via email.
  3. You can see your drops in the Inventory tab of your account.

In-app and email notifications may be delivered with slight some delays. It may also take a while for the drop to be displayed in the user inventory after the drop round.

I got a drop but I can’t find it in my inventory

Make sure that you have selected NAVI in the game selector on ( It may also take a while for the drop to be displayed in the user inventory after the drop round.

What is crafting?

Crafting is the process of creating valuable prizes from items received during live streams or purchased on the community marketplace.

How do I craft items?

  1. Check the list of available items on the stream page or in the Craft tab on (
  2. Select a craft recipe.
  3. If you have all the items required for the craft, click the “Craft” button.
  4. Items used for the craft will be replaced in your inventory with the crafted item.

What items can I craft?

Crafted items may include digital items (such as badges or skins) as well as physical prizes and services.

What is an orb?

The orb is a digital item that the user can open to receive a physical prize or service.

How do I claim the physical prize or service that my orb contains?

  1. Go to the orb page by clicking on the orb in your inventory (the “i” icon on the DMarket marketplace).
  2. Click “Claim Orb” on the orb page.
  3. Confirm this action on the next screen.
  4. Check your inbox for an email with instructions on how to receive your physical prize or service (this procedure may vary for different prizes). In most cases, you will also have a digital equivalent of the prize added to your inventory.

What limits apply to the orbs?

The orbs have validity periods during which the user can claim the corresponding prize or service.

I can’t find my crafted item in my inventory

It may take a while for a crafted item to be displayed in the user inventory after the craft is completed.

I have all the items for a craft recipe but the craft is unavailable

There are limits applied to craft recipes, which may restrict the crafting of new items.

Quantity limits

Most craft recipes are limited by the total quantity of craft items available to all users. If this limit is exceeded, the crafting of the relevant item becomes unavailable.

Time limits

Some craft recipes are time-limited. Once the time runs out, the crafting of the relevant item becomes unavailable.

Crafts per user

Some recipes can only be used once by a user.

What can I do if I don’t have all the items for a craft recipe?

In many cases, you can buy missing items from other users on the marketplace (see the Trading section).

I no longer need an item I got through a drop or crafting

You can sell most items to other users via the marketplace (see the Trading section).

What trading operations are available?

Users can make the following trading operations:

  • List items for sale.
  • Buy items listed on the market.
  • Make bids for items through the Target feature.
  • Sell items instantly if there are active bids for them.
  • Exchange items.

What items can I trade?

Any items from your inventory except for personal ones. Personal items are not tradable but can be used for crafting.

How is the price of an item determined?

Prices are defined by the market – users are free to set any price for their items and bids.

I can’t find the item I need on the marketplace

In this case, you can make a purchase request and offer your price for this item through the Target | Bid feature. Owners of this item will receive your offer in the form of an instant sale price.

Can I buy an item directly from NAVI or DMarket?

No, items are only traded between users on the marketplace.

When is NAVINATION Season One taking place?

NAVINATION Season One takes place from February 16 to March 15, 2021. During the season, you can watch NAVINATION streams, receive drops, craft items and fight for the main prizes of the season.

The season consists of four weeks. Separate competitions for additional prizes are held during each week.

What is the weekly leaderboard?

The weekly leaderboard is a list of the most active participants through each separate week of the NAVINATION season. Top players in the leaderboard then receive prizes of the week.

The list of prizes and participants of the weekly contest is available in the Home tab of your NAVINATION account on

What is the leaderboard of the month?

The leaderboard of the month is a list of the most active NAVINATION participants throughout all four weeks of the season. Top players in this leaderboard receive the main prizes of the season.

You can check out the leaderboard of the month in the Home tab of your NAVINATION account on

How do I enter the competition?

Sign in to your NAVINATION account via Twitch, then watch live streams, craft prizes from your drops, and complete other quests and tasks.

Can I use multiple NAVINATION accounts?

The use of multiple accounts, bots, and cheats is strictly prohibited and leads to the player’s disqualification from the leaderboards. According to the Terms of Use, the participant agrees to use only their primary account for DMarket, Twitch, and NAVINATION and refrain from any action aimed at gaining an unfair advantage.

What should I do to become the leader of the week and month?

Watch live streams, get drops, craft items, and invite your friends in order to gain XP. Track your progress on the leaderboards and complete more tasks to take the lead and win the main prizes.

XP scoring system

  1. Once a day you will receive a random bonus for logging in to NAVINATION: +5 XP, +10 XP, +20 XP, +50 XP, +75 XP, +100 XP or a NAVI jersey.
  2. +20 XP for every 5 minutes you spend watching NAVINATION streams (the limit is 1000 XP per week).
  3. XP for crafting – monitor available craft recipes and gain XP (the amount of XP is indicated in the description of each recipe).
  4. XP for quests – follow and complete other tasks from NAVINATION.

How do I get a daily drop?

  1. Sign in to your NAVINATION account with Twitch.
  2. Click “Take my drop” in the Home tab.

  3. Receive your random drop: +XP or a NAVI jersey.


What streams should I watch to receive drops?

During the season, ongoing live streams with drops are displayed in your NAVINATION account on

  1. Sign in to your NAVINATION account.
  2. Select the Streams tab.

  3. Choose a stream and click “Watch stream”. The more you watch, the more drops and XP you will get.

How do I craft Season One items?

  1. Sign in to your NAVINATION account on
  2. Go to the Craft tab.

  3. Select a craft recipe.
  4. If you have all the items required for the craft, click on the “Craft” button.
  5. Once done, the items you used for crafting will be replaced with the crafted item in your inventory.

See more details in the Crafting section.

What items can I craft?

Flash crafting

Available items change and are not announced in advance. To make a flash craft, monitor available craft recipes and use craft items that you can get through drops or trade with other participants. Waste no time – the number of items and validity of craft recipes are limited.

Weekly crafting

  1. Digital badges that can be crafted into a unique prize at the end of the season.
  2. Hoodies, t-shirts, and other NAVI merchandise.
  3. Logitech PRO gaming gear includes: Logitech G640 Mouse Pad, Logitech G PRO Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, Logitech G PRO Gaming Headset, Logitech G PRO Wireless Mouse.

The craft of the season

A full set of Logitech PRO gaming gear: mouse, keyboard, mouse pad, headset.

What prizes can I win?

Week One prizes

1st place – NAVI x LITKOVSKA hoodie and a personal Leader of the Week digital badge.
2nd-5th places – NAVI Icons t-shirts.
Top 100 – Five 2010 NAVI signed jerseys for random winners and an AMA session with NAVI players.

Prizes for the winners of Weeks 2-4 will be announced during the season.

Season One prizes

The biggest fans of the season will get a chance to win a full set of Logitech PRO gaming gear, exclusive NAVI merch, unique digital collectibles, and other prizes. Stay tuned!

How can I show my friends what I have won?

After receiving a daily bonus or crafting an item, you will see a window with an image of your prize.

To share your achievements with friends, make a screenshot or tap “Save to gallery” and then share the image on social media.

You can also make a video with your feedback about NAVINATION and post it on social media with the hashtag #navidrops. NAVI will repost the best videos on the team’s social media pages.